Silent Hill is what I mean. The place has bad history. Always has.


Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill Homecoming

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Akira Yamaoka - Witchcraft

thirty-seven-percent: The thing I disliked most about silent hill was when ever it went into first person mode, although the demo teaser that was given to us recently was in first person I really REALLY hope the game isn't.

See, I thought it was annoying in the previous games as well. But it feels different this time, it actually made the demo way scarier in opinion. You get a sense of claustrophobia you couldn’t get by having the character you’re playing right in front of you. You know, it makes you feel alone.

But I doubt the entire game is in first person anyways, since they got Norman Reedus as the protagonist so I figure they’re gonna use him as much as they can.

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